• Specialty Ingredients (USP)

    At Gangwal we make available the best of specialty ingredients from the world over, our extensive product portfolio places a unique one-stop solution to your ingredient needs.

  • Principals

    Representing some of the most respected and coveted organizations in the world, we realize that the true value of material lies in the right material, at the right place, at the right time. Our representation provides you products with complete availability & technical support.

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  • Applications

    Our product portfolio's applications include; Solid-Dosage, Injectable/Intravenous, Nutraceutical Actives, Life Science Plastic Consumables, Personal Care, Intermediates.

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  • Manufactured Products

    Gangwal has now expanded as a Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing company with a product profile comprising Specialty APIs, Intermediates, Excipients, Sweeteners and Extracts.

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Gangwal Foundation

 To support on this, we wish to use our resources to make a Learning Center where lived generation shares their views, suggestions to the  living generations, which are the true hope of our country.

 This is a massive effort to cover every walk of life to help an individual live their life full. Opportunities to learn to tackle the challenges of professional as well as personal life will be the beauty of this concept.

 This will not be a syllabus oriented approach, which are plenty in place… Proposed to have a truly live learning process from the achievers about their experiences / expertise 

 Along with this any opportunity to make an effort to a needy to learn a skill for a living will also be considered.